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I am pleased to announce that I’m now offering classes here at my workshop! If you are in the Dallas/Ft Worth area and are interested please don’t hesitate to email me at-

Booker DeWitt-

A-kon had it’s ups and downs with the new location, but one thing was for sure- it had a hell of alot of amazing venues for photography. I was honored with the chance to wear a costume constructed by a dear friend of mine. He knew I was stressed, swamped with so many things on my plate, and had no hope of completing the costume much less really starting any of it. Booker was and is still going to be my first try at sewing. Luckily I was still able to portray him during A-kon as I had hoped. Many thanks to my good friend Sumner Bukoski of Titanesque Cosplay!

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Model - Me

Cosplay by - Titanesque Cosplay

Toasty Splicer

FINALLY some good shots of my Toasty from Anime Matsuri. I was asked by my friends to do a splicer for their Bioshock group and threw this costume together VERY last minute in the hotel room that morning. I want to revisit it but more refined- I plan on doing a lifecast of my face so that I can sculpt more accurate (and unsettling) prosthetics. When that gets going I’ll definitely post progress pictures. Speaking of pictures, huge thank you to Mike Boike

You can check out pictures of the group (AMAZING Big Sister included) here

Steam Purse (Custom commission)

Here we have side one finished, sprayed with mold release, and ready for the second side of the mold to be poured!

Finally I was able to start on the mold process for the amulet! Using clay, a layer was built up to embed the pieces in along with wire and a tube to create sprues and a funnel for pouring and channeling the resin. With the flat end of an exacto handle I pressed dots into the clay to create registration keys so that the two halves of the mold can line up perfectly. The walls were simply put together by cutting up a cheap binder and clamping the corners. The inner corners were sealed with more clay to prevent the mold max from leaking.

Photo taken at Old Tucson Studios where Tombstone among many other great productions were filmed.

Funds for Future Funs *and bills*

So I am currently in a short, several week lull where I don’t have funds to continue my bigger projects. I am actually in need of funds for adult things- the dreaded…. bills. *shudders*

For this reason, I’m opening up to commission work for a short time! Message me or email me (davidlee325) if you are interested in any custom work for your costume or otherwise! I need moneys, you need cool stuff, it’s a win win situation!

Modular Mask

Here is a gem I made a while back!

The mask is designed to be worn in many different configurations- with or without goggles, goggles up (they can be snapped into place on the forehead of the mask), as a half mask (top can be removed), or the goggles can be worn standalone!

Tarrant Hightop - The Steampunk Mad Hatter - A-kon 21